Monitor The Monitors-An Employee Tracking Software

Assume that you are the owner of a company. You employ people at work and you are the one who is going to pay them. The employees are allotted to various projects depending upon their availability of resources and time. Assume that you enter office and as you enter, you see them playing games and visiting some ‘Not Safe For Work’ (NSFW) sites in their computer. What would be your reaction to this? You will obviously be shocked to see this employee monitoring software .

You recruited them aiming that they would help you in improving your business and fetch profit. But it seems that they will ruin your business. Do you want to keep track of what the employees do in your absence? Do you want to check how they utilise your system? Do you want to check whether they are valuable resources or they have to be fired? So do you think that it is better to appoint a person to monitor the people? No, that would not be a wise idea.

Why it is not right to appoint a person to monitor them?


  • It is not possible for a human to sit beside an employee throughout the day and keep track of what he does.
  • Waste of money in employing an additional person to do this.
  • It may lead to many disputes among the employees.
  • It may happen that, even that person may work in favour of the employees.

Solution for Employee Monitoring:

You cannot appoint a person to monitor the employees 24/7. But you can make use of our software to do this. We provide you software that one can rely on. The software can be used to track multiple employees’ system at the same time. It can track all the activities performed in a system.

Requirement for the software:


  • It is enough if you have a personal computer.
  • You don’t need any additional equipment or hardware to do this.
  • You do not need any extra qualification or extra skill to work on this software.
  • A single download can make one ensure that the employees are tracked.

How our software works: There are various ways through which the employees can be tracked.


  • If an employee has to access remote desktop for his work, then the employee monitoring software can be installed in the remote desktop and the activities of the employee can be tracked easily.
  • If the employee works from the system that is owned by the company, then the client software can be installed in the system. The activities that are performed by the employee are tracked and sent to the server which monitors several machines at a time.
  • If the employee uses his personal computer for work, then the software can be installed in his machine and the employee has to be advised to activate it while doing the office works. The software can be deactivated while doing the personal works. Hence it would be easy to track the hours spent on work.

The software records the username, the amount of internet usage, the number of hours spent on it, various documents and applications that were accessed. The software is so efficient that even the key stroke can be tracked efficiently. These recorded data are sent to the server from where the employer tracks the information. These data can be exported to an excel sheet as a report for future reference. The software also has an auto option to send the data via mail to the employer. It can also be made to send the information regularly at defined intervals.

Benefits of using our software: When it is known to the employee that they are being tracked, it makes them alert and concentrate on the work properly.

  • It constantly monitors the activities of the employee.
  • It is easy to track the number of hours spent by the employee in the project and help the employer to take necessary action.
  • As many employees try to work from home nowadays, the employee monitoring software can be used to track whether they utilise the work from home facility properly by monitoring the number of hours spent on work.
  • Apart from using it as a tracking device, it also ensures security. Hence the employer can be confirmed that the data cannot go out very easily.
  • The software indirectly helps in increasing productivity.

Hence it becomes must software to be used in each and every company. Install the software and monitor the change by monitoring the employee’s easily.



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