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We, as a company have a good background in developing variety of software. As a company, we ourselves understand the need for a software to keep track of the employee’s activities. Hence we developed this software for our company’s use. We experienced a drastic change after the software was installed in all our machines. We felt that everybody should also be benefitted from it.

We added more features to the software and have launched it for you. We feel that it would benefit you in all aspects. The company aims at providing you all the features that are helpful to track all the system activities of your employees. We believe that by tracking the employee’s activities and by providing feedback would make them concentrate on the work. It would indirectly help in concentrating and building the business properly. We are also happy to take part in your business growth.

We have a separate software development team to focus on the designing of the software. The team gathers the requirement from the client and designs the software with the requirement in mind. They make sure that the software provides all details in simple clicks. We can also design the software in such a way that the employer need not do anything in tracking the details. It can be designed in such a way that he receives a mail or some way of intimation about the tracking.

Apart from the available facility, we also provide more add-ons as per the client’s requirement. We understand our client’s needs and have designed the software such that it is easy to use. The software itself is a self explanatory tool hence you do not need any assistance to work on it.

We aim at providing you the complete tracking details. The tracking covers everything from the simple keyboard stroke to the internet access. The employer also has an option to choose the area which has to be tracked. We aim to improve your productivity with our software, use our trail pack and check it for yourself.




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